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The last 25 plays (at last!)

Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
10/24/2014 02:24 am Eyes Closed Sara Savery The Diver Dead People's Choice
10/24/2014 02:21 am Mr Blackberry Local Stranger Left for Better Self
10/24/2014 02:17 am Wish You Lived Alone Sundaze Snow Falling EP Self
10/24/2014 02:11 am Tommy Moore Eternal Fair The Horse That Carries The Wheel Self
10/24/2014 02:08 am The Dump Dante Vs Zombies Buh Neurotic Yell
10/24/2014 02:04 am To The Promised Land (Through The Dark) Tyler Fortier Fear Of The Unknown Self
10/24/2014 02:00 am When You Walk Into The Room Vic and Gab Love of Mine Self
10/24/2014 01:55 am Camera Thief Atmosphere Southsiders Rhymesayers
10/24/2014 01:50 am Alone Again The Tempers Vol. 1 Self
10/24/2014 01:46 am A New Place Polecat Fire On The Hill Polecat
10/24/2014 01:43 am Youth Tilly & The Wall Heavy Mood Team Love
10/24/2014 01:38 am Good News There Is No Mountain There Is No Mountain Self
10/24/2014 01:35 am Baby Doll KiKi KiKi EP Self
10/24/2014 01:32 am Lady Memphis Johnathan Rice Trouble Is Real Reprise
10/24/2014 01:28 am Give It A Chance Go Time! International Pop Overthrow Vol. XV - [Disc 1] Shoesongs
10/24/2014 01:26 am Wooden Nickle Wilcox Failing Records Vol. 4 [Disc 1] FAILING
10/24/2014 01:22 am The Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules Rose Windows The Sun Dogs Sub Pop
10/24/2014 01:16 am Post Script Typhoon White Lighter Roll Call
10/24/2014 01:10 am Minor Work Suuns Images du Futur Secretly Canadian
10/24/2014 01:06 am Former Boy Wonder I Was Totally Destroying It Horror Vacui Greyday
10/24/2014 01:03 am Gueto Ao Luxo Karol Conká Batuk Freak Mr Bongo
10/24/2014 01:00 am Whistle Burn Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks KZME Lunchbox Sessions KZME
10/24/2014 12:56 am Cement Lunch Ava Luna Services :: 3rd Avenue Island Infinite Best Recordings
10/24/2014 12:54 am Hard To Swallow Reid Jamieson Staring Contest Self
10/24/2014 12:48 am ¡Hoot Hot Damn! I Got a Job of Work Pancake breakfast Pancake Breakfast Self

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