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The last 25 plays (at last!)

Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
08/22/2014 08:28 pm A Simple Life Luminous Things Luminous Things Self
08/22/2014 08:24 pm Yr Not Alone Cat Martino Yr Not Alone Self
08/22/2014 08:21 pm Devil vs. Heater The Priory Priory Expunged Records
08/22/2014 08:17 pm Healer Chromatics Night Drive Echo Park Records
08/22/2014 08:14 pm Knife Blade Miss Massive Snowflake Songs about Music North Pole Records
08/22/2014 08:10 pm Rock Salt and Nails Hook & Anchor Hook & Anchor Jealous Butcher/Woodphone
08/22/2014 08:06 pm A Darker Blue Bayou The Young Evils Sessions From the Box Sessions From The Box
08/22/2014 08:05 pm Sign Willoughby I Know What You're Up To Grow Your Own Music
08/22/2014 08:00 pm Fools Gold Calico Calico Self
08/22/2014 07:56 pm Outside In The Snow Big Harp Chain Letters Saddle Creek
08/22/2014 07:52 pm Be In My Dream Orphan Train Electric Junk Kingsley Garden
08/22/2014 07:49 pm Tear Down The Mountain Icarus The Owl Love Always, Leviathan Self
08/22/2014 07:44 pm From South Carolina Her Space Holiday The Young Machines Mush
08/22/2014 07:42 pm Et Vous Amelia Por Avion Slow Down Records
08/22/2014 07:39 pm Strikefoot Sea Of Bees Songs For The Ravens Crossbill Records
08/22/2014 07:35 pm Yellowstone Clint Michigan Hawthorne to Hennepin Kiam
08/22/2014 07:32 pm Maker Super XX Man Sorta Heavy Metal Milk! Records
08/22/2014 07:28 pm Lonely Hans Alexander Tragedy Alexander Tragedy Self
08/22/2014 07:24 pm Hands Raina Rose Caldera Self
08/22/2014 07:22 pm Dance of the Bees Lisa Germano No Elephants Badman
08/22/2014 07:17 pm Ligerita Diana Gameros Eterno Retorno Self
08/22/2014 07:14 pm Thorns In Roses The Exploding Hearts Guitar Romantic Dirtnap
08/22/2014 07:10 pm Ziggurat Traffic The Joggers With A Cape And A Cane Startime International
08/22/2014 07:07 pm Crush On Radio Visqueen Sunset On Dateland Blue Disguise
08/22/2014 07:04 pm I'm Sixteen Cambodian Space Project 2011: A Space Odyssey Metal Postcard

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